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What do you do to strengthen your concentration?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20602points) April 11th, 2020

I used to be quite good at chess, now I can’t seem to focus my concentration on the game.
It’s driving me crazy.
What would you do?

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I’d probably give up and switch to another game or hobby. If I can’t concentrate it’s usually partly I’ve lost interest.

I do admit as I get older I have less focus ge really, but I can force myself when I need to. I hate when it feels like homework though.

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I am still interested in chess.

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Do you try to play a lot? Maybe you are you out of practice?

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I play alot on the computer, mrs Squeeky doesn’t play.

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Mention it to your doc the next time you see him. Meanwhile, pay attention to notice if chess is the only example of this. Go on the net and solve some chess problems.

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I use the Waking Up mindfulness app.

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