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How are you?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17656points) 3 months ago

Just testing the ask function. But if you want to provide random update of yourself it’s fine too :)

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Ok here in western Canada, really worry about Mrs Squeeky because she is a health care worker, going a little stir crazy but other than that fine and covid free.

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@SQUEEKY2 all the respect to Mrs. Squeeky. I hope she is doing well too.

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A bit stressed but she is doing fine also,thanks.

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My DIL just got the news that she is one of 8 other people at her work that will still have a job next week. She is the help desk phone operator.

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I’m happy to see Yarnlady avatars all over Fluther. :)

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Fine ! And @YARNLADY is the best.

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We’re fine over here, thanks.How are you?
@YARNLADY is the best.

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My mummy & daddy had sexy time, then I happened.
*<<<< @YARNLADY is a little drunk :D

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Getting a little bored, well rested though.

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Thanks everybody

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I’m enjoying “working from home.” I’m not that busy work-wise. I’m in the process of painting the dining room. Right now I’m in the prep phase – cleaning the walls, moving stuff out of the room.

@YARNLADY is the best. Yarnpocalypse 2020!

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@KNOWITALL: Well-rested indeed. I haven’t been this unwound since I was about seven. It’s a truly bizarre feeling.

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@cookieman: I’m finding that to not have my morning commute is so relaxing and incredible. Plus I’m saving on gas and wear and tear on the car.

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Life goes on as before. Everything is OK. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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Should have named the question “Yarnpocalypse hideout”.

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@jca2: Same. I was filling my tank twice a week. Now, it’s been two weeks on the same tank of gas.

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Hungry. Will have to buy groceries or order out, with my credit card, after the plumber fixes my kitchen sink Monday. Just in case it is over a hour or so.

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Yeah we are using a crapload less gas these days.
That is one good thing.

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Apparently 19 is not ageist, but is sexist and racist.

Will it be renamed the Nazi virus?

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I’m Alive™

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My wife was laid off and then called back in to process layoffs and when she is done…

Nothing has broke at work in the past two weeks which is almost unheard of so I’m going a little stir crazy. I need a new project so I’m converting a storage shed into a larger workshop only I’m using scraps left over from other projects.

Averaging every two weeks for groceries and my wife and I have gone through two cases of wine in a month and a half. In times of need, two buck chuck to the rescue.

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Not too bad, but I’ve seen better days. Seen days where I had to ask: WTF just happened? How did I do that? How did I survive? The days of living on the edge.
Enjoy the song.

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