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If you are at home all the time now (and you aren’t, usually), how are your pets reacting to this new normal?

Asked by canidmajor (18501points) April 19th, 2020

There are lots of cute memes floating around about cats being annoyed, dogs getting tired of walks, etc etc.
I am normally home a lot, yet even my dog is a little weird, probably because the neighborhood rhythm has changed so dramatically. And with all the dogs in their yards during the day, the Twilight Bark is going on at all hours. Gotta wonder what they’re gossiping about.

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Fun question! My two seem to be a bit more clingy, but thats about it. My husband says I’m spoiling them with too much coddling.

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Our dog is never completely alone for very long. But she is definitely enjoying having most of us home all the time.

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In the times when I was employed full time (40 hours a week) or unemployed, my old dog never seemed to notice.

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They are enjoying the extra attention.

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My schedule hasn’t changed, but my family’s has. The dog went through a period of confusion followed by the new normal…who would get the honor of walking him at what time of day. Unfortunately, he didn’t reset the early, pre-dawn walk. That is still mine…even on my days off.

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We got our Oscar 5wks ago yesterday, he’s now 13wks old.
So basically he’s never known life other than lockdown.
This has been beneficial for him & us as the attention he needs/craves is currently unlimited.
I reckon when this is over & he eventually is left alone at home he may howl the roof off!

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Our two dogs (maltese and mini-golden doodle) are both excited and confused we are all home now. They keep whispering in the corner to each other while glancing over at us.

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@cookieman They are colluding! Planning some kind of coup! Keep an eye out for weaponized NylaBones. I have scars.

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My pup is confused too. She goes in and out the doggie door a hundred times a day which is locked when I’m at work. So she doesn’t really believe she’s allowed out so much and comes in to look at me every few minutes as if to say “we still good with me being out?”
At night she’s all over me more than normal. We are bonding apparently.

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@canidmajor: I totally believe that. They have maps and everything.

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My cat is a total ham and is absolutely loving the fact that myself and my two roommates are now almost always around to scratch his belly and throw his foil ball down the hallway for him. He is very very happy.

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