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Would you risk infecting loved ones just for the chance to go back to work?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20608points) April 19th, 2020

Why are these idiots protesting the government about these health regulations during this Pandemic?
Could you live with yourself if you were at fault for infecting someone and they died?

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I’m already working…never stopped. I have run the risk the entire time of contracting the virus and bringing it home to the family. I just approached the job taking the precautions I could and minimizing the chances of bringing home anything. If it happens, I can already look at myself in the mirror and see that I haven’t been neglectful. I think many people that want to go to work would be the same way.

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John Prine’s wife caught CV19 and brought it home to him. She recovered, he didn’t. Now she’s living with the aftermath of her decisions. I hope that I never have to find out how it feels

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It would depend on the situation. Most of my friends who are still working, or their spouse is working, are sleeping in separate bedrooms, no cuddling, they sit on separate pieces of furniture when they watch TV together.

Lots of people are still working. Some employers are doing a lot to help keep their employees protected, but lots of employers aren’t doing nearly enough, because they were following CDC guidelines, which were woefully insufficient. I’m mad at CDC, and mad at the companies for not thinking for themselves. Anyway, the people who are working with lots of caution probably feel they are not taking a lot of risk.

I personally would be very nervous to work with other people right now, and I would be one of those people sleeping separately from my husband, I always do that when one of us is sick anyway. I can see if I was younger though and my company was still open, I probably would go back to work either because I needed the money or because I would feel like I didn’t have much choice, and just do what was expected of me.

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It is always better to have precautions

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Its sad to see how many people are willing to go back to work just so they can provide their families with food and medications. Selfish bastards.~

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