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What bands would you miss in an alternate reality?

Asked by KNOWITALL (26126points) April 20th, 2020

We finally watched Yesterday, the movie about the Beatles never existing.

The things that never existed in his post-accident reality are the Beatles, Coca-Cola, Oasis, cigarettes and Harry Potter.

You can make this as deep or shallow as you’d like, but do you have strong feelings about any of these five?

What are similar bands or consumer goods you think would cause large ramifications in our popular culture?

Or if you’re from another country, feel free to name your regional items.

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I would never miss the Beatles, Elvis, Grateful Dead (Puke) among others.

I would not miss tobacco or any pop star after say, 2009.

Is this what you were looking for?

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@Coolhandluke Only if you tell me what items you WOULD miss! But that was a great start, buddy!

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Die Ärzte, Rammstein, Die Toten Hosen, The Bareback Boys.

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@ragingloli You are so crazy, but funny!

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I’d miss the Beatles,Pink Floyd and this chair.

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I would miss Queen, Elton John, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac just to name a few. I’d miss peanut M&Ms.
I really liked that movie. While watching it, I was thinking that although I can sing along and know the words while a song is playing, there’s no way I could come up with all the words to the songs I love.
I have a lot of memories with some Beatles songs, and Coke was my mom’s favorite drink.

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@chyna My favorite part was the credits rolling and singing Hey Jude all the way through. haha! Sure, there’s no way I’d remember the words, that did make me think a little about what I’d be able to recall. Honestly I thought it was going to be a dreamscape and he’d wake up post-accident and it had all been a dream.

And why did the other two people not give him their contact info and try to find out why they were in an alternate reality? My husband hates when I question things like that but if you were the only three who remembered the Beatles, Coke and other items, it only is logical you’d want to find out why. I know, I know, I’m overthinking a dumb movie.

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@KNOWITALL I’d miss Pink Floyd and PB&J sammiches. Also, guns.

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@Coolhandluke Have you tried PB and Nutella? The bomb diggity, bruh.

A world where guns hadn’t been invented? Interesting…

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Queen, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Madness & a Tinky Winky Teletubby plush toy.

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The Who, which would verge on comical when asking about them.
Quentin Tarantino, because he has changed cinema.
Kasper’s hot dogs.

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@filmfann Is that a good hot dog? Never heard of it.
Quentin, yass!

@ucme Queen for sure, actually I like the other two as well.

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Kasper’s is a local legend.

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