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Is anyone else trying out Google Chrome?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) September 2nd, 2008

Hopefully it’s portable to Linux soon.

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Yes. It is interesting, but too early to tell yet how good it is. So far I am not hating it, and enjoy how the new tabs open up.

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PnL is testing it out, too. I was talking to her and having a normal conversation then all of a sudden “OH MY GOD! Chrome is out!!!”

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hmm…. i gotta get my hands on a windows computer. where to find that?

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Like Allie said, I have been playing around with it. It’s definitely faster than my FF3, but I don’t know if it’s that much faster. Actually, we happen to be discussing the browser in this thread also….in case you want more answers/opinions.

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I like it so far, but it doesn’t have any plug in support.

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it’s not on mac yet… but i will.

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At work, On a Mac.
Will try at 5:00 pm
must get home…

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what is it i never heard of it

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I love the speed, but I haven’t used it long enough to make any judgments.

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OMG, i wasn’t, but I am now!!!! :D Thanks!

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Pretty fast, and the tab function is great. Also, the “most viewed” website feature is handy dandy.

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It’s great. speeds up the web on windows machines. finally a browser that actually renders sites like they should!

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It is fast, but it seems to have some problems with Facebook though. Especially the photo albums.

Whatever happens I think it will influence other browsers to be better. I like that it has independent processes so that one problem doesn’t stall the whole browser. But I’ve noticed some lag in the interface here too.

Its (a little) harder to figure out how much memory its using up in total. It will be great to see which sites are the hogs that slow everything down too. Adding its own process/memory display might be overkill to some, and called bloat. I think its pretty nifty. I like the “stats for nerds” button.

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working on it right now, i love it, ususally i install safari on windows machines, but chrome just feels more at home, too bad it still has same windows tie ins, by the way, if we click on dev. and go to task manager, we get to see what chardybdys want to see

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It is still in BETA and those tiny miny problems are very much expected (note that I am not working with Googgle thou I wish hahahaha )

Like the old days Netscape versus Explorer if any of you recall…

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I’m using it on my mac :D

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Isn’t it really buggy because there is no support and it was unofficially ported?

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Actually it works really nice! Faster than on my pc actually.
I can’t wait for the native version.

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yeah, we want native damn it !

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