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Who is going to take a look at and/or try the new Google Browser?

Asked by Bri_L (12196points) September 2nd, 2008
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I installed it tonight. It says that my website is infected! I checked out the source code, and damned if it doesn’t seem to be true…

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I am using it right now. It is notably faster, but it is still early for me to form my opinion.

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Like it for the most part. Miss my FF plugins.

Waiting for them to fix the DOM gaffes (e.g. some elements of Facebook don’t work properly). And, is it just me, or does it tend to scroll more aggressively? That’s bugging almost more than anything else.

I think it’s interesting that it uses WebKit, like Safari, but without the more correct typefaces. That’d be a nice feature to see added (not that the two are actually related).

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Awesome speed answers guys thanks!

I am gonna put it on my pc laptop and giver a go.

@ robmandu – what are DOM ?

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@Bri L :: This might help.

This is the important part:
However, the DOM is required by JavaScript scripts that wish to inspect or modify a web page dynamically. In other words, the Document Object Model is the way JavaScript sees its containing HTML page and browser state.

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I’ll download it as soon as they get around to the Mac OS version. Don’t feel like booting into Windows just to try it out. I can get by with the screenshots until then. :)

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I’m resistant to change, so I’m not trying it just yet. I have a friend who’s using it, though, and she says it’s clean and she does like it, though not as much as FireFox. So I might eventually give it a shot.

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I will definitely try it when I next use Windows on my Mac, but for the most part I will wait until a Mac OS X version. Has anyone else notices that Google are increasingly developing for Windows before Mac and Linux, it seems like they’re bringing Mac versions out later and later after the Windows versions.

I don’t like the layout, and it looks like it wouldn’t be very Aqua-like on Mac OS X which would be a bitch. I’ll stick with Safari for now.

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I tried to follow these instruction on OS X to play with it. After about two hours of downloading from the SVN it failed. So now I am trying to download the tarball and it is taking forever. It is 437 MB and I am only getting around 50K per second.

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@ jp- that did help, thanks!

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So I’m in it now, and I love it! It’s really cool. I wish it was for Mac OS X though because I don’t use Vista all that often (mostly just for Google Lively and Photosynth) but I really like the concept of the browser. If it came out for Mac OS X i would switch from Safari and Firefox in a flash.

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For those interested this is an excellent guide to what makes Google Chrome different from other browsers – very impressive read.

I’ve not tried it yet but may run it through VMWare until the Mac port comes out.

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@benseven-that is impressive. It lays it out there nice and clear.

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Looks like it’s going to be awesome. Waiting for an OSX release.

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I’ll be trying the Mac version out, if for no other reason than to see if it can handle large numbers of Digg tabs better than Firefox does. I’m curious as to the possibility of using it as a sort of SSB (so hopefully tweaking will be well facilitated).

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I installed google’s new browser. And now I’m uninstalling it. Why? Google’s EULA is evil I would never think that Google – the same guys who said “Do no evil” – would have included such broad statements in their EULA. I was stoked after reading that comic on how it works. It was wicked fast and the memory usage was NOTHING compared to FF, but as someone who posts artwork and other wonderful tidbits regularly I can’t afford to let Google take my work and use it “royalty-free”. Just my 2 cents.

I was so stoked about this too. Once those few clauses come out of it, I’m all over it, but until then… Well… Firefox. We’re still dating right? (plus ff has all my plugins and all that so that’s another selling point)

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The EULA is apparently to be amended and will apply retroactively, due to the outcry it has provoked. Read more here.

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@benseven- nice find. Pretty much a no brainer on Googles part.

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I wish I could try it. My home computer is too old to support it, and I am not allowed to download any programs at work. WAHHH! I just read about it on the fluther blog this morning.

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Yeah I just saw that the EULA is getting fixed. It’s super quick, but with no plugins yet, tis just another shiny new tech toy. And disabling the autocomplete feature seems kinda lame, because you lose some of the coolness of the browser, but if you’re uptight on security it’d be the way to go.

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Another interesting concern–09-04-n10.html

quoted from article: The auto-suggest feature of Google%u2019s new Chrome browser does more than just help users get where they are going. It will also give Google a wealth of information on what people are doing on the Internet besides searching.

Provided that users leave Chrome%u2019s auto-suggest feature on and have Google as their default search provider, Google will have access to any keystrokes that are typed into the browser%u2019s Omnibox, even before a user hits enter.<BR>

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Yeah that’s what I was referring to with the autocomplete thing. Like I said. Seems lame to disable that since it’s what makes the browser more useful, but yeah. I think Google needs to go back to it’s mantra of “Don’t be evil”. All the data collection they’re doing lately seems to be fairly evil in nature and their view on privacy is kinda… well out there.

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