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Has the price of gas gone back up where you live?

Asked by LadyMarissa (11145points) May 8th, 2020

Now that we’re allowed to go back out into civilization, the gas here has jumped up 25¢ a gallon in the last 24 hours. Although I had anticipated a quick rise in prices, I fell prey to sticker shock as I drove past the gas station. It seems to mainly be one particular company with the others going up gradually. What are you seeing in your neck of the woods???

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Yes. Today it was at $1.59 from $1.38.

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Lower than ever. I saw $1.75 a gallon this morning. But we’re still sheltering in place.

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The best I’ve seen here is $2.45, but there are wild fluctuations. That $2.45 is the Costco price while a block away at the Valero station, they’re asking $3.59.

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Yeah, here in BC and Canada gas is sold by the liter and this week it jumped up 20 cents.

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Nope, $1.38 today.

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$1.48 down today Friday from $1.59 on Tuesday.

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I keep thinking I should fill up the car while it’s so cheap but it’s already full because I’m hardly driving!

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NY/CT border. It was 1.65 at Costco two days ago. We’re still mostly staying home and businesses are shut, except essentials and restaurants for take-out.

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I’ve seen it here at some stations @ 1.65 but my local station is about where most other stations are @ 1.75. That’s the lowest so far, no raises in prices just yet.

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Yep, we jumped up 20¢ a gallon in the last 24 hours. Frustrating isn’t it

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Yes, 20 cents a gallon since I bought it last weekend. Now it’s 1.79.

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The price here has been above $2.00 for a couple months and in the last week has hit $2.63.

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We get 1.55 per gallon Monday.

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We’re up to $1.99 as of the last day of July 2020

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