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Have you ever had a really bad feeling about a place, abandoned what you were doing, and got the hell out of there?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) May 11th, 2020

I was talking to a friend about this so I thought I’d ask this question.

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I was out in the city, and I helped an old lady carry her groceries up the stairs.
She then invited me for coffee, that is when I bolted.

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Yes. I went on a tour of Moundsville prison in WV. It was closed but is a scary place to go. You go in and they let you explore it on your own from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. There were very few lights so everyone takes a flashlight. Of course mine stopped working after a couple hours. Anyway, we walked around looking at individual cells, the cafeteria, gym etc. While it was all a bit scary, especially hearing cells close, I was totally terrified when I walked into the infirmary. It was immediate. My first thought was “what in God’s name went on in here.” And my second thought was”get out now!” I started having a slight panic attack and left that area immediately. I did not feel like that anywhere else in the prison. Although there was one area below ground that was called “the Sugar Shack” that the prisoners had meet ups at and it was a very closed in area that I needed to leave quickly.

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@ragingloli It could’ve been worse.

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Everyone knows how Hänsel and Gretel went down.

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@chyna- I’ll take a pass on that tour.

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@ragingloli -It’s better than Hansel & Derek.

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I’ve been to some “sketchy” areas, but usually just passing through. I can’t think of a time when I spent some time in a place and then decided to leave because of bad vibes. I remember going to a really sketchy hookah bar once but we stayed for hours. lol.

In a different sense, I was once hiking in the woods when I came upon some bear scat in a clearing. That freaked me out knowing a bear could’ve been around the corner (also there were thick trees all around, the place seemed like the perfect spot for a bear ambush). I quickly fled the area and went back to a more well-used trail.

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@Demosthenes -Very wise decision.They can run fast, like a dog.

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Answerbag? :D

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@ucme -Ha ha! Been there too

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Last week at the grocery store. For some reason a lot of people when I was there were not distancing at all. It was like one after another people who didn’t care, and about half the shoppers did not have on masks, and I left before I had my whole list in the cart. I did buy the groceries I had already picked up, but I bailed on doing the rest, and got out of there.

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When I was in Middle school I went on a class trip to New York for a few days, the first night we were there we went to the top of the Empire State Building and it was pretty cool, everyone had fun, no issues. The next day we ended up in front of The Twin Towers and the chaperones gave everyone the option of going with 1 group to the observation deck and then visit the mall, or we could go with a 2nd group to Times Square and just walk around. I remember standing at the bottom and looking up at the towers and immediately wanting to leave, something about it creeped me out, so even though most of my friends decided to go with group 1, I refused to join them. 8 months later 9/11 happened.

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@cheebdragon -I’ll never forget seeing that on the news.

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@chyna -Foreboding comes to mind.

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My college boyfriend and my husband both took me to isolated places after dark. One was down by the river in Wichita, the other was a walk through downtown Kansas City. I was really scared. Neither one understood why.

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Not exactly abandoned. But I visited Dachau. My cab driver asked me why I would want to go there. I think it’s important to not forget the past.

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Special education in grade 5. The first day I bolted to the door and back to my old desk. Nothing was ever said about it.

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