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Do you think Jewish people would respond positively if a Democrat candidate said “If you vote for Trump you ain’t a Jew”?

Asked by josie (30931points) May 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Why or why not

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Hell no! You will get nowhere arguing anything so hopelessly obscure. The truth is so much more obvious and free from debate. If you vote for Trump, you are either as brainless or corrupt as the fool himself.

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Therefore you must be black or Jewish?

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I had someone on Fluther basically imply I wasn’t really gay because I wasn’t offended by this comment that some perceived as anti-LGBT. I don’t think people like being told they’re not a member of X group if they don’t agree with someone. Trump said something about Jews betraying Israel if they don’t vote for him. It’s the same bullshit.

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There you go

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Context for anyone who doesn’t know what this question about. It’s another Biden gaffe.

No, of course not. Like @Demosthenes said: people don’t like being told that their membership in group X depends on something that isn’t essential to being X. And they’re right to dislike it because it’s nonsense. It’s the same problem that comes up when people are criticized for “voting against their interests.”

We don’t get to decide what is or is not in someone else’s interests. If I value A and B, but I value A more than B, then I’m not voting against my interests if I support someone who will defend A but not B over someone who will defend B but not A. (I’m also not voting against my interests if I vote for someone who will defend B but not A but isn’t in a position to attack or otherwise undermine A).

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@josie “Therefore you must be black or Jewish?”

Did you use a pole to make that leap?

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Why can’t I be both?

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The truth is that we are rarely permitted to vote in our own interests.

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I think some Jewish people who do vote for Trump would be pissed off. They would feel like who the hell is Biden to tell them how Jewish people should vote. Or, they might feel Biden is out of touch with parts of the Jewish community, or doesn’t understand the Jewish community is not a monolith.

I don’t think they would feel hurt or oppressed by the statement. It wouldn’t ring any antisemitism bells.

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I wouldn’t give a shit.

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@Caravanfan Yeah, but you aren’t voting for Trump.

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I don’t know since I’m not Jewish. But if you vote for Biden, you ain’t white, that’s for sure! ;-)

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Lol, if Biden won, first day of his Presidency, everybody line up so he can determine what we all really are.

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Yes, if they understood the context of the statement.

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I think Biden is out of touch with his brain. At the same time, I know it is in my best interest to vote for him come November, because he’s not trump

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There you have the crux of the reality. I’ll take addlepated senility over blatant corrupt stupidity any day.

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