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Does anyone familiar with the Smallville T.V. series (2001-2011) have any images or information about the fictional 'Crow's Nest' building / rooftop?

Asked by Yellowdog (10789points) 1 month ago

The COVID-19 shut-downs have kept me binge-watching the T.V. series Smallville (2001–2011), a series which I did not watch when it originally aired—but now would put it in the top five series in my own personal likes / preferences.

I am about at the end of all ten seasons now, and I cannot express how good it is to binge-watch / stream an entire t.V. series, without commercials, when you can really get into it. I really appreciate the picturesque British Columbian / Canadian location, even though they claim its Kansas.

Well, anyhow – Metropolis is Vancouver, British Columbia. Works well. And they managed to get Vancouver’s Sun Tower (A 17 story Beaux-Arts Classicism building built in 1911, with its iconic copper verde dome) as the ‘Watchtower’ building, before they used a full citiscape of 3-D model buildings to represent Metropolis (modifying the Sun Tower to be much taller in the 3-D graphic form).

Anyhow, in season nine, a new building rooftop is introduced – the “Crow’s nest.”

This building debuts in the season nine episode, ‘Warrior’ – and, the rooftop is an obvious and recognizable replica / tribute to the Temple of Gozer atop the Ghostbusters (1984) apartment building (a building which actually exists, but without the rooftop Temple of Gozer, at 55 Central Park West, NYC). That particular episode of Smallville (the Warrior episode in season nine) has a lot of tributes and nods to various movies, comics, and media. The “crows nest” rooftop is a nod to Ghostbusters.

Well, anyhow, I noticed that they didn’t show much of the Crows Nest building rooftop for the next few episodes, and altered it gradually until it was almost something else entirely.

Although I know the building is a 3-D model creation and the rooftop layout was gradually altered, probably for copyright reasons, I cannot find ANY online images of the “crows nest” building or rooftop, and would like to study it. Although it is frequently shown in the series, the only online images I am able to find online are on the Smallville Wiki fandom page ( ) – but the images are far too dark to be of any quality.

Does anyone have any source of scenes of The Crows Nest building from the series?

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That’s good for the Sun Tower, which is Smallville’s city of Metropolis Watchtower building. Very interesting structure, considering the early date it was built especially.


I’m trying to find some images of the ‘Crow’s Nest’ building—which exists on the show’s sets and 3-D models prior to the scenes which feature it—other than pausing it and snapping it with my cell phone, I cannot find any images.

As an avid model builder (who rarely finishes what I start if it becomes too expensive or becomes like work), I am wanting to build a 1:87 scale model of this building

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Is it the Barn loft set design that you need?

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I took each small image and lightened it but it has too many pixels so perhaps you can download and alter the light as I did to get somewhat a view although blurred?

Other than that I suggest that you write that sight for a clear view picture or even ask where to get set design ?

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