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Why don’t zombies eat other zombies?

Asked by kruger_d (3326points) 1 month ago

Watching Land of the Dead and just wondering if it is ever explained.

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Uh, they don’t actually have any food value, do they? I mean, they’re pretty well used up, I’d say.

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Same reason you don’t eat meat beyond the exp date

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Because only premortem cerebral cortices, have the necessary nutrients that zombie diets require.

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Besides, it’s not as if they were cannibals, for gosh sakes.

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On a related note, every person who becomes a zombie escapes with a bite & yet all attacks shown see victims ripped to pieces…

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Well, that would just be rude, don’t you think?

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Picky eaters.

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They like fresh meat.

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Because they don’t care for junk food, I can say that much. Lol

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Because Zombies don’t exist,

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They’re tough, so not worth the work

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Because zombies eat brains. If human becomes zombie, his brain gets eaten. And if zombie wants brain, why he would eat another zombie, which hasn’t brain? :)

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They don’t taste good.

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