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Broccoli, cauliflower, both or none?

Asked by CelestialIncognito (336points) 1 month ago

I have for all my adult life loved the taste of broccoli. I learned at an early age that cauliflower smelled like farts and could never get passed the gas to enjoy it. Recently, cauliflower is tasting pretty good! What is your experience?

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I have always loved both, a slight preference for cauliflower. I think Brussels sprouts are pretty wonderful, too.

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I developed a taste for broccoli when I was pregnant. Cauliflower came later but I love them both.

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I like them both, especially mixed together and topped with sea salt.

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Put cheese sauce on either of them and I’m in!

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Both, with cheese sauce.

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They’re good raw, dipped on Ranch, too.

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I’m with @janbb – cheese makes them edible.

Both are good for dipping in Onion Dip or hummus or something similar.

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Dip in chocolate!
I don’t like either.

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Here is something that may surprise you. What do the following have in common: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale and kohlrabi. They are all variants of the same species They kind of taste similar to me, with a need for cheese sauce to make them palatable.

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As a kid I hated broccoli and loved pickled cauliflower. Now I like cauliflower and beef and broccoli. I like both with veggie dip.
I will not eat multi-coloured broccoli. I don’t know if broccoli is safe to eat when multi-coloured.

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I like broccoli and I don’t like cauliflower. My husband is exactly the opposite.

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I like ‘em both. Cauliflower took a while because my mother only served it with a strong cheddar cheese sauce that I could not abide.

I now like cauliflower’s versatility, including using it as faux rice and also as a crust substitute.

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I don’t care for either; however, I can now eat broccoli IF I need to!!! I never cook it; but if I come to your home for dinner, I can eat the broccoli without choking, I would do my best with the cauliflower, but it would be a slow go getting it down.

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If you come to my house for dinner you will not be expected to eat anything you don’t want to. I didn’t do that to my kids and I certainly won’t do it to my guests.

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I was raised by parents who taught me that if it’s what you serve, it is my responsibility to eat it & say thank you for preparing my meal. So, if it’s on your table, I will be respectful & eat what you serve. That is unless it’s liver & I just cannot swallow liver.

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I was taught to say thank you, but there was no pressure to choke down food I didn’t like. I guess I was lucky.

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Lol I’m torn between the two, and loved them both as a kid. I like mine to be steamed with I bit of butter and a dash of seasoning salt.

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