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Did you know Derek Chauvin and George Floyd used to be co-workers?

Asked by filmfann (47235points) 1 month ago

They were both bouncers at a club. At the same time!
How important is that to the story?

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We will probably soon find out.

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I saw a interview with the owner of the place they both worked at today on MSNBC and she said that even though they both worked there she doesn’t think they really knew each other.

It wasn’t a full time job and they generally worked different types of events.

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I heard that last night.

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I heard that this morning but what I think changes nothing & I’m doing my best to keep an open mind until we maybe hear the facts.

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I read that too and wondered about it. Even if nothing ever happened between them, the fact that they weren’t strangers to one another adds a truly bizarre element to the story.

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According to this report from Fox News Chauvin was fired for over reacting on the nights that were considered African American nights. He also had 17complaints filed against him for overstepping his authority during his 20 year career as a police officer. Since Chauvin is a registered republican, I’m shocked that Fox was more or less bad mouthing him. The owner who spoke to him about his behavior said that he never seemed to have any problems with Latino clientele just the African American clientele

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I just read that 2 of the officers had been on the job less than 4 days. And that Chauvin was their training officer. Someone that has had 18 complaints against him is a training officer? Truly bizarre.

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