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Do you have a loved one in a nursing home ?

Asked by anniereborn (13246points) 1 month ago

Due to my mom being in one for ten years, I think often of the poor souls stuck there during this pandemic.

Are you able to visit them yet? If not, are you able to communicate with them in some way? Phone? Internet? Letters/Cards?

Just what is it like?

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My parents each ended up in one but they’re both long gone. They were both in relatively good places but they wouldn’t be happy with what is happening now.

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Mrs Squeeky works in one and it is heart breaking during this Pandemic they are on lockdown no visitors period not even for palliative residents.

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Yes, my mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Her facility’s on full lockdown, with residents confined to their rooms or apartments.

We normally spend about 2 hours together every day, but I’ve been unable to visit since early-March. She still has some sense of time passing, and she experiences loss and loneliness, but she’s far beyond understanding why I’ve “abandoned” her. This troubles me every day.

The good news is that her facility hasn’t had a COVID-19 outbreak. The safely protocols have been enforced and worked well.

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My mother is in an elder care board and care facility. We haven’t been able to visit since mid March. She hasn’t received communion from the local parish since Ash Wednesday.

My sister was able to call ahead and they brought mom out on the patio while my sister was six feet away, both masked. My sister said the visit was too brief, left my mom confused.

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Before the virus, I made it a habit to adopt residents of our local nursing homes who didn’t receive regular family visits. Since the lock down, there are NO visitors allowed. Now, I make sure to send a note letting them know how much I miss them & telling them I’ll be back to visit as soon as we’re allowed. I send an occasional card so they’ll know I’ve not forgotten them. I also call the ones that I can so I can hear their voice & determine how they are actually doing. Most are very lonesome & some are confused. One of the oldest ones told me that she wished I could visit her because her daughter never comes to visit anymore. Her daughter died 8 years ago & I didn’t feel this was the time to remind her. Although I totally understand why they can’t have visitors, I’ll be glad when I can sit with all of them again & we can continue our chats face to face.

I’m only guessing, but I fear that they are being given sedatives to keep them calm & isolated. That leads to even more confusion than normal!!!

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Did until 2010 when my late 92 year old mother died starved to death.

The Doctor responsible was trained for athletic injuries not senior care.

Every time I see anything on Seniors and abuse I think about my late mother who died alone and in the night with no one to comfort her as she died in much pain.

The result of giving aspirins to seniors of which resulted in an ulcer developing in the digestive track of the stomach area.
Now senior care facilities do longer give aspirin daily .

One good thing that this Covid 19 virus has done is to bring to light the inadequate care of seniors in homes/institutions.
A government standard will be implemented with though investigations from now on.

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Not now.

My grandfather was in one for a month before he died. He did not need diapers and although they probably put a diaper on him, he would ring for the aide to come help him come to the bathroom and they wouldn’t come. They probably figured he’d just go in the diaper but he didn’t need that. He was in a good home, too. At the time, it was one where they wouldn’t take you unless you had a house (so they would take the house). Since he was only there a month, we ended up just paying for the month, $8,000. That was 1996. He was 86 when he died.

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