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Do religious girls who profess abstinence give it up easier than the secular girl?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) September 3rd, 2008

All things being equal….

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When you forbid a natural urge, it’s likely you will rebel.

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We used to call the catholic school in my neighborhood the meat market. Need I say more?

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Please clarify what your expectation of ‘religious girls’ and ‘secular girl’ are. Do you have the expectation that ‘religious girls’ are against premarital sex and that ‘secular girl’s aren’t? Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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you understand my assumption correctly that ‘religious girls’ are against premarital sex and that ‘secular girl’s aren’t

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You’ll find that Alcohol Anonymous has an extremely high rate of binge drinkers. This is probably because they agree that God is in control of their addiction (which allows them to skirt any personal responsibility). If god is also in control of your virginity, it’s his fault when you loose it, not yours. See how easy that is?

I drink to much. God’s got it handled. I killed a man. God forgives. I’m no longer a virgin. God makes me pure again. Sounds pretty good to me.

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Both religious and secular women are, in the end, women. Same for religious and secular men.
It’s never surprising to me when people behave like people.

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What’s with the stereotypes? Just because you’re not religious or, as you put it, secular, doesn’t mean that you don’t have morals on abstinence, or perhaps strict parents, etc.

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@fly—which one gives it up first? All things being equal?

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Well, here is my honest (and perhaps offensive) opinion on it, given your expectations. I think it is harder for a ‘religious girl’ to ‘give it up’ as you say initially, but once they’ve tasted of the forbidden fruit I think they have an insatiable appetite, because they have denied themselves for so long, it is kind of like a kid in a candy store after their first taste of chocolate. However, a ‘secular girl’ hasn’t focused so much energy on not ‘giving it up’ that they lose sight of other pleasures in the world, so it is not as big of issue for them. (ie, there moms let them eat chocolate before, so they understand moderation…lol).

However that is my response taking into account your expectations, I don’t necessarily agree with you expectations. Just because a girl is ‘religious’ or ‘secular’ doesn’t mean that they are or aren’t ‘easier’.

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BTW, my answer is based on what I observed in college, for those that spent a great deal of time and energy on ‘not having sex’ and then had sex, they seemed to lock themselves in their dorm rooms with their sweetie for weeks and their grades suffered. Where as the ones that didn’t make a big issue out of whether to have sex or not with their partner seemed to be able to better balance school and a sex life.

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Are we helping you pick which girl to date?

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All things being equal, I think both could give it up at any time; it’s like six of one, a half dozen of another. Though the secular girl has open opportunity to just go ahead and do it, they won’t want it as badly because they can have it whenever they want. Now to compare the secular girl to the religious; there are plenty of things holding her back from losing her virginity, but she might want to just because she can’t. Like marissa said, “Just because a girl is ‘religious’ or ‘secular’ doesn’t mean that they are or aren’t ‘easier’.”

At the same time, there are obviously secular girls who want to go ahead and do it and do because they can, and there are obviously religious girls who really don’t want to lose their virginity.

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Have you stopped beating your wife?

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@aidje I wonder if she has stopped beating him!

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@aide and scamp—just because I like to discuss, disect, and analyze, does not mean I am a wife beater or a beaten husband. We’ve been together 15 yrs and have two girls 7, 4 that are the joy of our lives.

My wife’s father committed suicide after being sucked financially dry by a church some 20 yrs ago, and I was raised Fundamentalist Christian in northern New England. The church was a very destructive force in our lives, and in the lives of my parents. I feel that religion is the biggest scam ever pulled in the history of the world. And a study of religious history confirms many beliefs are BS.

We are spiritual but not religious, I prefer Eastern Phylosophy, and yoga and buddahism, but don’t feel it my mission to convert folks to my side. I don’t care who you marry or if you marry, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, who you fuck or don’t fuck, and I remember as a young man deflowering many a pastor’s daughter during summer camp, and many a Mormon girl gave it up and then we would go to sermon in the evening and swear to god never to have sex, while planning the best place to do it next.

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@allengreen Would you want your daughters to read some of the crap you post here on fluther? Do you tell them “I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, who you fuck or don’t fuck….”?

Your daughters will most likely pick up on this attitude of yours! Best wishes to those two!

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I don’t think this forum is for children 4 and 7 yrs old. And I don’t care what folks do in their bedrooms, of if they like guys or girls or both or neither—

Best wishes to you Meatwad!

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I wouldn’t care who my daughter decides to fuck or not fuck. That’s her business. Not mine. That’s a silly argument.

If you raise them to be good people, then they will make good choices. He’s just saying who cares if they’re gay or not. It’s just a crass way to say it.

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exactly body

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allengreen, you’re such a pig

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I always say I’m a big fan of God’s not so much religion. I too have seen the ‘rules’ of religions cause more pain than peace.

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I agree with you that religion is the biggest scam ever pulled over the humans eyes.
....and women are women just like men are men….they each will do what ever they want when they want…..a lot of the trill of having sex when you are young is the trill of doing something you know you’re no supposed to be doing.

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allengreen, I am so glad I can’t see inside your mind. The twisted, slanted FLuther questions you pose are more than enough of a glimpse.

To answer the question: Probably not to you.

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Marina—thanks for playing

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I did not mean to suggest that you are a wife-beater. “Have you stopped beating your wife?” is the archetype of the loaded question. Granted, your question was not technically loaded, but it comes pretty close.

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@aidje, Thanks for explaining. That one flew right over my head too.

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