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Have you ever committed fraud? What happened?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) March 16th, 2009

The big money guys; the politicians—a lot of money is at stake. They get to feeling they are impervious, and can get away with anything. My father always told me that if I was going to steal, I should steal something really big.

Has anyone here ever done anything fraudulently? Maybe in love. Maybe to impress someone. Have you pretended to be someone you’re not? Have you even used pretense in order to make money? (You’re anonymous, so you can say).

On the other side, have you ever been the victim of fraud? What’s the story? The full story?

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Not anonymous enough to spill these kinds of beans, sorry. :) All they need to do is subpoena Fluther.

But yeah, victim. Someone once broke my truck window and took my backpack with credit cards in it (stupid me for leaving it there) and bought stuff as “me”. Luckily the banks involved didn’t charge me for any of it, but I also learned one more way to not be st00pid.

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My friend Allan Goldstein’s testimony at the House Financial Services Committee about what Madoff did.

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I don’t recall dooin’ no such thing!

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I just got back from the beaches of Florida where I was a “college student”. It worked out for me a few times. I regret nothing!

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My friend and I are going to start a ponzi scheme

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Nothing I care to admit to.

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I did. On my ex-husband. He didn’t know what I knew and I didn’t tell him. Poor bastahd.

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I’m always amazed at how lightly fiction (especially movies) treats the act of “posing” as someone: the palmed business card put to later use, the phony story on the phone, the costume and false accent. I never even have the nerve to pretend to be a year older to get a discount off a meal at a salad bar. Does anyone ever really do that stuff?

The answer is no.

If I’ve ever been a victim, I never found out. I would be surprised if someone hasn’t fooled me or cheated me at some point. But I’ve never been scammed, to my knowledge.

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The only thing I can think of was right after I dropped out of high school. I put a graduation date on a job application, indicating that I had a diploma when I didn’t. Of course I got the job, and proceeded to feel guilty about it the entire time I was there. I vowed to never do it again, and never have. When I applied for my next several jobs, I had to explain why I didn’t have one before they hired me, but they all did. By now, my experience speaks for itself, and no one ever asks me about it at all.

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I am far too honest to ever knowingly commit a fraud. I couldn’t live with myself if I did. Being an honest man might never make me rich, but it will let me sleep nights. I can live with that. :-)

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