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What do you think about iPhone update 1.0.1?

Asked by Stunt_1o1 (15points) August 1st, 2007 from iPhone

I just finished updated my amazing iPhone ...the only thing it did was bug fixes...hmm wow....what do you think ?I mean I wanted more but since I updated my phone my safari nor my maps has crashed and my wifi has no problems at all....I'm happy with that but I am still waited for the next update too come ...beware when you update if you have modded your iPhone the update will automaticlly restore your IPhone and erase can put most off these things back but hacks ringtones and camera roll will be erased unfortaunautly ...what do you think guys?

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No problems with the install. That's always my fear with firmware.

It seems to have removed the hiccups I've seen. Mail is faster. Safari is more stable. The battery status quirk appears to be gone.

That said, it hasn't change anything functionally. I'm still waiting for flash, iChat, and Exchange support.

All in all, though, I'd say go with it.

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I used iphoneringtone
maker and all my rings are still there. I am pleased

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Not much of a difference so far that's obvious to me. Nothing has crashed, but then I wasn't having problems with that before. I say go for it...

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I didnt notice any change, except that my calander icon shows the current date now!

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Apparently, you guys haven't been following much iPhone news. The real purpose of this patch was to fix security holes discovered that could allow nefarious wifi owners to hack and take control of your iPhone. This was discovered by an independant security group and was going to be displayed at the black hat conference in Vegas.

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I'm glad the iPhone's security is fixed, but I still want more...

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