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Are you allowed to eat yogurt when you are pregnant? What about other dairy items?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) August 1st, 2007

I am wondering what the general medical consensus is on consuming dairy products while pregnant. Speaking to the first trimester, specifically.

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Of course its good for you

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Yogurt is very good--calcium to build your bones so that you stay strong. The baby will take from your body what it needs--it will grow great--but you don't want to suffer. Also very important to make sure you have enough is folic acid--now added to lots of food just so women get enough in pregnancy. But make sure it's in your diet. Basically, fruit, vegies, healthy foods. What I found is that certain foods were unappealing (coffee) and if you pay attention to what you smell, or want to eat, you will surely do just fine.

The very important thing to stay away from is alcohol, which, while the baby's brain is developing so rapidly, might have effects even short of fetal alcohol syndrome--harder to see, but still there.

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Congratulations on the one in the oven.

I can understand why you asked about the yogurt. I did ask my doctor long ago to be safe. It has bacteria in it. She said its the good kind of bacteria and great calcium.

Skfinkel hit the nail on the suggestions. I think the only dairy product to be careful is blue cheese if I remember. I love that stuff and my doctor said to eat sparingly on that. Something in the blue cheese I can't remember. If you like blue cheese, you can ask your doctor. Each doctor would vary slightly.

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Can I do something to help with morning sickness?

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Calcium and protein are very good. But avoid fishy foods. As to the morning sickness this will pass with time.

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Is yogurt with probiotics ok to eat while pregnant?

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