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Which answer have you given here that you are either proud of or feel you did some good?

Asked by ucme (49877points) 1 month ago

Links would be an idea.

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Or has your time here been wasted with sarcasm & frivolity?

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I have a hard time choosing. Over the years there have been many responses that I’m sure added something to at least one person. I consider all of them equally valuable.

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It’s worthy of note to see the glaring absence of those Fluther vets who pride themselves on keeping the integrity of the site intact, frequently at pains to point that out in condescending tones too.

Oh of course, content here is based on who you are not on its merits…how remiss of me :D

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Integrity of the site?

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Their philosophy, not mine.

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There’s wasting time with actual effort involving research and a boatload of typing.
I recently engaged in that and I am done with it.
I’d rather have a laugh, thank you very much. ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille De rien.
Excuse my French

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I just went back and looked, my most upvoted answer was in response to “can you have sex in space? ” I said: “Sex in space would be fucking out of this world.” So I guess sarcasm & frivolity.

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All my answers are solid gold.

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