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Does your EPSON printer seem to go through ink faster than other makes of printers?

Asked by kritiper (21046points) June 12th, 2020

I replaced my old HP printer with a EPSON. I can’t believe it uses so much ink!

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Yes, but that’s because (I think) their ink cartridges are about half the size of HP’s.

I used Epson for years but the last couple of Epson printers I bought – one for me, one for my daughter) were so cheaply made – they rattled, the case seemed loose, etc., that I swore never to by Epson again.

I have had good luck with Canons and HPs.

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There are lots of different models so you can’t make a declaration about an entire brand. Epson is a leading brand among photographers for fine art printing.

Inkjet printers in general are expensive to run and unreliable. Most people would be much better off with a monochrome laser. Is it really necessary to print color? Buying a new laser can be cheaper than refilling your ink a couple of times, including a cartridge that lasts many times longer than one round of ink.

You can get a really good black & white laser for less than $100 US. If you watch for sales, you can get a printer/scanner/copier for a bit more $100.

Brother lasers are well-reviewed and readily available and often on sale.

I have a little HLL2350DW that simply always works.

I also have a larger Brother printer/scanner/copier which would be similar to the MFCL2690DW , except that one has a sheet feeder – I have to scan one page at a time.

Getting free of inkjets is highly recommended.

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It’s been so long since I’ve had an Epson printer that I can’t remember why exactly I quit using that brand. I went through several different brands since then & I’ve settled with HP. I think that @elbanditoroso is correct. Epson uses mini cartridges where HP sells the much larger cartridge. I think that HP also sells the mini cartridges, but I’ve not tried them. I’m on the HP Ink By Mail program where I pay $2 or 3 a month & they keep up with the level of my cartridge & when it’s showing that I’m getting low, they mail me a cartridge so I have it when I run out even IF it’s 3:00am!!! I was hesitant to sign up for it, but have found it to be very convenient & not that expensive. I don’t do a lot of printing & this is one less thing that I have to keep up with…very convenient.

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I’ve used HP almost exclusively since the 90s. During the CD craze I was making some videos and Epson had a special tray for printing on CDs that I thought would be neat. Epson had a sale on their printer that did that so I bought it. It quickly ran out of ink and the replacement cartridges were more expensive than the printer. I bought another printer just for the ink. Removed the ink and threw away the printer. Again, it quickly ran out of ink. I bought an HP and have never looked back. Epson is crap.

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I recently had an HP inkjet that was crap. I gave it away. It kept having trouble with the color cartridge even though I always used genuine HP cartridges. Never did print color right.

I did volunteer work for AARP (this was pre-COVID) and they had purchased a new Brother printer. I was not impressed.

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