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When Trump's term ends, how long will Melania stay married to the ex-president?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) June 12th, 2020

Word is that she renegotiated her prenup article about 18 months ago.

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In minutes??

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Doesn’t matter to me. It actually annoys me if they stay together because some Americans feel a President needs to be married, some sort of portrayal of the perfect family picture.

I can’t get a real read on them as a couple to be honest. The media likes to make it seems like Melania can’t stand him, I have no idea if that’s true. I do feel she doesn’t agree with everything he does.

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The life expectancy of a male is 76 years, 2 months from what I heard last, so he isn’t long for this Earth. She can wait him out…

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I think she just has perpetual resting bitch face. It makes it easy to say they hate each other. The media has been pretty mean to her also. I do agree though that she is playing the long game here.

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Who cares.
The entire Sippe is rotten.

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Lets see; his bedroom is on the second floor in the front, I think. Hers is on the third floor in another wing. Divorce when he leaves the White House, maybe a whole New York second !

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She will do whatever provides perpetual wealth for herself and maybe she cares about Barron. She has no interests outside that. I would guess that waiting for Donald to die is the easiest option. Divorce is work.

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Who gives a shit, the next gold digger will step up before Melania is out of the driveway.

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I find it really impossible to believe he isn’t at the very least emotionally abusive. I know that’s a bold claim without any foundation in fact, it’s just my gut feeling, but with his personality? I feel bad for her, always have, she seems miserable in this role and that can’t be good for a relationship even if everything else is great (which I just struggle to even consider.)

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I agree with you @ANef_is_Enuf. It’s the same gut feeling I have.

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If I had to guess, when his presidency ends, she will stay married to him but do her own thing. I agree with someone above that waiting for him to die is the easiest option.

She planned on being rich man’s wife, not President of the US’s wife. What she has now involves a whole lot of scrutiny and diplomacy . She probably is sitting in on state dinners which are probably very boring and include small talk, and boring trips where she has to spend time with the wives of the officials while the husbands do their chatting. Instead she could be shopping in NY or LA, or be by the pool, or stuff like that.

I wonder, according to US law, if they got divorced, if she would retain Secret Service protection?

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