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If Trump's rally does indeed cause a big surge in Covid19 cases, do you think it will slow Trump down on holding rallies?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18723points) 1 week ago

Or will he just blame everything else and keep holding his rallies?

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And yes I know we won’t know for two weeks .

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If every attendee dropped dead on the spot in front of him, the fool would deny before God that his rally had anything to do with it, then loudly label the reporting of the deaths as proof of fake news designed to impede his re-election. By now, we ALL know the drill.

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Do you mean will Trump learn a lesson from seeing others pay for his mistakes and misdeeds?

Hmm, let’s see. I’ll have to think about that.

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That article was from March. Has Me. Biden had any recent rallies?

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@chyna Nope they finally caved to their Dem masters.

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No. Facts don’t matter.

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@elbanditoroso Why do you disapprove of Americans exercising their freedoms?
Peaceful protests are fine with all the rest of us.

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@KNOWITALL Freedom to pass COVID-19 all around, there is a pandemic.

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@chyna He’s doing events. Looks like the media is doing his campaigning. Not a bad decision really if it works.

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Oh please, @KNOWITALL don’t be so obtuse.

If your want to go and cheer Trump in Oklahoma, have at it. It’s only 3–4 hours drive for you.

Some percentage of the people in Tulsa are going to needlessly suffer by catching COVID at the rally. I’d prefer that people NOT get sick and die. You appear to think that somehow the freedom to congregate is in some way limited by my wanting people to live longer.

For a party that is pro-life, why are they encouraging people to go to a place where some percentage of people will die as a direct result of going? It doesn’t make sense.

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That article is so freakin old that it’s reporting There are 605 confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. and 22 deaths, with many of the dead in the same age range as the three finalists in the presidential campaign. Today we have over 2.2 million cases with over 119 thousand dead & by tomorrow over 120K dead. Where I believe in a protester’s right to protest, I draw the line at their right to loot or become violent. I believe in a citizen’s right to have freedom go to the rally. At the same time, I draw the line at their right to bring it home to me or my loved ones. None of these people are going straight home to quarantine themselves for the next 14 days!!! They’ll be out on the streets mingling with the general population by tomorrow. Who knows, one may choose to visit with your mom by tomorrow.

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@elbanditoroso Oh please. None of you would say a word if Biden was’t hiding out.

Yes if I wanted to go I would, he just came here in 2018.

No one’s encouraging anyone to attend that I’m aware of. Can you say you or anyone in your home is not infected right now with 100% certainty?

As far as being Pro-Life, at least these are adults making their own decisions. Not millions of babies murdered for their parents convenience.

@LadyM Yes it was from March, that was already established.
My mother belongs to God. She’s on a float trip right now actually not hiding like Biden.

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^”As far as being Pro-Life, at least these are adults making their own decisions. Not millions of babies murdered for their parents convenience.”

The innocent strangers you might kill by passing along the virus from attending the rally don’t get a say in this. It is their lives at risk thanks to your selfishness.

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I wish I could give you a zillion GAs for that answer @Jonsblond !!^^^^

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He doesn’t care about one except himself !

Half of the world could because of his actions, he doesn’t care!

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He’s not worth dying for.

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@Jonsblond Again acting like protesters can’t spread it but Republicans can. Talk about an alternate reality.

If Biden were to announce a rally next week this wouldn’t even be a question.

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One thing at least MOST of the protestors are wearing masks.
And @KNOWITALL if democrats were irresponsible and holding large scale rallies with very little safe gaurds I would be just as harsh on them as I am on Eltrumpo.

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@SQUEEKY2 Most. So where’s the outrage at the rest?
The rally hasn’t happened so it’s a little early to guess masks won’t be worn by ‘most’ at the rally, wouldn’t you agree?
I hope you would but I’m very skeptical.

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I figure the ones not wearing masks are escalators put there by the Trump Government to stir up shit so the storm troopers can crack down on all the protesters.

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Looks like there are more smart republicans that I gave credit for.

Attendance – not what expected, so they cancelled the outdoor rally.

Can’t wait to see the indoor pictures


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Whatever gets him the attention, the votes or the money, at present or in the future….even if that includes American deaths…nothing would slow a soulless psycho douche down in his track.

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@KNOWITALL Video showing them going in to convention.

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@Tropical Have you been to Walmart or Target or any store where masks are not mandatory? Same risk of infection.

The USPS doesn’t even require employees to wear them, after all.

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I was at Costco today – 100% masks. Required by Costco

On the way home, Target. About 70% of customers wearing masks. All employees were.

Georgia – not required./

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Yay Costco!

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Don’t worry be happy ! NOT

You can go and do anything you want without a mask; just don’t come within 30 feet of me!

We have three more cases from people at churches in town. Waiting the 10 to 14 days to find out who they infected ! One of the churches has 600 members, singing without masks.

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Update: Most of the attendee’s are NOT wearing masks, there was Covid limits, and the outdoor part was cancelled. And I just heard from a friend that tear gas was deployed. She is a Dem by the way.

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Why was tear gas deployed??
Was that a penalty for not wearing masks?

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No mention of tear gas on the stations I’m watching.
Very few masks.
trump never mentioned Juneteenth, BLM, Rayshard Brooks or George Floyd.
He did spend at least 15 minutes discussing his walk down the steps of a ramp at West Point where he appears feeble.
He managed to be racist by calling Covid the Kung Fu flu. I think his followers are fed up with him.

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The rally was pretty much of a dud. People stayed away in droves. There is a rumor that anti-Trumpers bought tickets and did not show up. That would mean that there may be more people willing to pay not to see Trump than to see him. And of course the media was to blame, warning about the health risk. Things not looking so great for the Trumpster. Oklahoma is about as red as a state can get. What happens when Trump visits not so red states?

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@SQUEEKY2 I was being sent updates and pics by a few people, Dem and Rep, so I can’t say.

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Trump’s rally was a flop.

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@KNOWITALL were they trying to spread fake news with the use of tear gas that didn’t happen?

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And, here it is.. Straight from the horses’ mouth. He blamed the low turn out on ”… protesters and the media” He’s a petulant little child, all the time yelling “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!”

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@SQUEEK2 I don’t know, it was a liberal so maybe. Ha!

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