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How has Fluther helped in making your life better? Can you give one relevant example?

Asked by PrasannaBhat (16points) 2 weeks ago

Examples should revolve around how questions you asked were replied appropriately. how your life changed after seeking and following it?

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I learned how others here rig their pole to catch walleye.
I caught nothing.
It made me crabby.
I then came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time to be crabby about that.

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It was a supportive place to me many years ago when I was going through a divorce.

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I’ve made some lifelong friends here, even though we may never, ever meet in real life. I suspect we will be friends until we die or are no longer able to use the internet, whichever comes first. Many of us are connected on Facebook which adds another dimension to the Fluther relationship. Friends on Fluther talk about their dogs or their families or their houses or their vacation or whatever, and then we see photos and more chatting about it on Facebook.

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I learned a way to cure my hiccups.

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Erm, no wait…
It is supposed to make your life better?
That made me laugh so much I have developed hiccups, particularly inconvenient as I just ate a boiled egg.

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By the wording of the details, this sounds like some kind of assignment to me. What was the actual original question?

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It’s certainly a, for want of a better word, bold, question coming from what appears to be a new member.

I would be inclined however to view it & them in a positive light rather than pour scorn.

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Maybe it’s another article writer haha!

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Fluther helps when I have a burning question in the middle of the night and no one to ask in real life. Like if I forgot something or the names of items the I need. It helps my family to sleep at night. Turning 40

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