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Is it bad fluther form to ask a question that can be answered in less than 2 seconds with google or wikipedia?

Asked by wabarr (458points) February 19th, 2008

I am fairly new to fluther, but I have seen a couple of questions that met this description. Any thoughts?

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I’ve addressed this question before here.

One might say that it is bad form not to search for your question on Fluther to see if it was already asked. ;-)

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@sferik. Touché.

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Yes. There’s a difference between needing the help of others, and just being lazy.

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I ask myself the same question with a pretty decent amount of questions on Fluther. There’s a difference between “What is the state capitol of Texas?” and “What are some tips for selling things on eBay?”.

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@spargett…kind of creepy cause I live in the state capitol of Texas!

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For awhile I tried to answer the google questions, or I’d rant about it. Now I just don’t answer those questions.

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Seldom to never I use Fluther for asking and getting answers to subjects that I can find an answer for on Google; instead I use for such this I can’t really shrink down to a one or two-word search term.

For instance, what is that movie called, where such and such things occur. Tellm, who does one get an answer like that from google?

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For the most part, yes. But if it’s an interesting question that would get other people interested and thinking about it, then maybe not. But mostly, yes.

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I agree with LanceVance. How many of you have ever googled a question only to find that google aparently has no clue as to what you are even talking about? Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying it happens all the time, but I’m sure somewhere there is an answer to any question just a couple clicks or phone calls away so all in all couldnt everyone that asks a fluther question be considered lazy under you guys category of lazy?

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Oh I definitely agree Randy. There is a point though. When you ask a question like “When was Einstein born?” that’s something google can tell you. I think everyone who has commented here knows that there is a line. It’s pretty obvious when it crosses from the idea of “can anyone help me?” to the point of “can anybody do this for me?”

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Oh, Yes…in spades. However, to be fair to the newbies, sometimes it is hard to find old questions if you can’t either remember or guess what the tags were. I have been onsite since the onset and often can’t retrieve questions that I remember.

And what about doing people’s homework for them? Perchik refers to that, also. Additionally, some people here would be terrific (and well-paid) research assistants, but this is not the site in which to strut that skill.

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@Japeace…was there really a need to revive this old question with the answer “yes” ?

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