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Over the past few months, dealing with Coronavirus and world events, did your attitude toward anything change, or did your life plans change?

Asked by jca2 (12227points) June 28th, 2020

Have you gained any new insight over the past few months?

Do you have a different outlook on anything now?

Did your life plans change?

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None of the above,really.

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Well, I’m definitely not going to do the traveling I usually do, especially going to see my family in California.

I think I am feeling my mortality more and while I expect to live through the pandemic, it does make me aware of the time I have left.

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It has reinforced my dislike of working with the public. People have become vigilantes by telling others what to do. You get shamed for wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. I don’t go around telling others what to do. I hate it. I’m going to work even harder now to study for the career I’ve wanted to do for several years but have had to put off. It’s a career that will eventually let me work from home.

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Well Rick lost his job because of it. He was in outside sales. So yeah. It’s been a huge deal. Our lives are pretty much inside out and upside down.

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I wash my hands with soap. I am no longer scared of hand sanitizer.

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Why would you be scared of hand sanitizer?

I have learned that physically well people are SO self absorbed, that even after a short period of self quarantine, and social distancing, they are completely oblivious to the hardships of chronic people.
They can’t wait to get back to the germ spreading, noise making, irresponsible behaviors they know and love.

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@Patty_Melt I believed that hand sanitizer killed the good bacteria and gave a chance for the bad to evolve into more deadly forms of evil bacteria.
(NSFW) As a child I stopped using soap from having burning pee.
I use soap now and will chalk it up as a learning experience. Next is my dental care and eating more veggies.

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We were shopping for a house in Nashville, and now instead we are looking a little in Florida, and hoping my husband won’t have to move to TN. Nothing is definite yet.

With my husband working from home I’m reminded again how much I prefer being with my husband all the time.

I am much more aware of White Supremacists and people who want to divide America. It was already happening in politics, but now that covid is being used as another way to divide people it is much more obvious to me.

Most of my girlfriends who are married complain to some extent that their husbands aren’t as worried or careful about the virus, I do think there is a gender difference, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. It creates some stress for couples.

I remember 20 years ago people saying America is a me culture not a we culture. That’s really obvious during covid. So many people saying they are healthy and they don’t need a mask. They don’t care at all about others.

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It’s made me think about my mortality, and the possibility of getting sick.

It’s also made me think about retirement. I have really been enjoying working from home. I’m sleeping better, getting stuff done around the house, and having a leisurely summer. Even though I now work two mornings a week, it’s still good. I was telling one of the moms last week that every other summer, I’m dealing with rushing home from work, picking my daughter up at camp, getting her into the shower, getting her dirty clothes into the laundry, getting dinner done, rush rush rush. Get to bed, rush in the morning. This summer the friends are coming to visit us at the lake we live on and we’re enjoying the season and we’re more relaxed.

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