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What relieves infants painful gas?

Asked by Bmerino (1points) August 2nd, 2007 from iPhone


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Gripe Water - or it was in my day. Sadly, I have no idea if it's still available.

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Rub their tummy with your warm hand.

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Gripe water is still available, you can find it in savon or Rite Aid, if you can you can also visit one of an indian stores and by it from there. I remember wjen my wife send me i search for Gripe Water. I found it in an indian store.

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Ahhhh Gripe Water ..... I loved that stuff. Not sure if its true but apparently it has alcoholic content. My mum always said, "one spoonful for the baby, one swig for me." So not only does it cure the baby's gas but it also soothes mother's nerves :-)

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We used Little Tummys gas relief drops. That seemed to work really great for our son. We've tried two other products but this seemed to work quickly. This is the same company that makes Little Noses (for saline drops)

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My grandmother taught me to place my hands on my daughters soles of her feet, and to let her push against my hands with her feet while she was laying across my lap. As she pushed and stretched, it released gas. It worked for me, and I did not have to give her any medication. grandmother had and raised 10 children, and this worked for all of them.

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