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What's the meaning about"no jokes, no pants"?

Asked by Alice_zzzzzz (39points) 1 day ago

My senior classmate asked me about the phrase“no jokes,no pants”, but i couldn’t find the meaning of it. Could you help me? Thank you!

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I have not heard of this phrase.
I can’t wrap my head round it.

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I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and there was no entry. I have never heard it either.

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I wonder if it’s meant to lampoon “no justice, no peace” (NJ, NP) and play on the “wearing pants” meme. Just guessing. Context would tell a lot.

It just sounds stupid to me. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time looking for meaning there.

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It’s meaningless.

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It could be a lampoon of No Shirts, No, shoes, No service. From McDonald’s signs in the 80’s

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I always wondered why McDonalds didn’t allow shirts, shoes, And had no service…

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From the 80s? Those signs are still up today @RedDeerGuy1.

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