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From wherever you are currently located, indoors or out, what are the main colours your view affords you?

Asked by ucme (50037points) July 5th, 2020

I bet blue figures large.

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Very light beige and brown. The beige isn’t yellow at all it’s what I would call toasted marshmallow.

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Trees are green.

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Greens in the grass, trees, and other foliage. Blue in the sky. Reds, yellows, purples and a variety of other colors in the flowers. Green on the hot tub cover. Whitish Gray on the concrete. Blue and white on the deck.

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Looking out my bedroom window I see lots of green and orange in the trees, vines and flowers.

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Green trees, green grass and blue sky. Love it.

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Blue sky white fluffy clouds.

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Green, from all the trees there are two heritage oaks . There are two behind my place visible from the living room and from my bedroom.

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Outside I’m surrounded by green. Lots of grass, lots of trees, and on the deck, lots of potted plants.

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Green, I’m out in the country right now. It’s pretty much green and blue as far as the eye can see aside from a red barn here and there.

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