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Should I pay my Medicare bill with a credit card?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) July 6th, 2020

Right now I have my bank bill pay send the Medicare premium a couple days before the bill is due. No problems with it – it works just fine.

It looks like Medicare also offers credit card payments through (not a third party, but a government payment portal).

If I use a credit card, I can earn points for every dollar I spend, and a 2% rebate as well. Over time that will add up.

Is there any reason NOT to pay by credit card?

How do you pay your Medicare?

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I try to pay with a rewards credit card whenever possible, as long as I know I will be paying the credit card off at the end of the billing period. It just makes sense to get the reward rather than have the bank get it.

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I collect SS now so it is deducted from my total each month.

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@janbb – I haven’t retired and stopped working yet…

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@elbanditoroso Yeah. I figured that. I paid for Medicare for a year before collecting SS. Think it was EFT.

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