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Did you inherit anything from you grandparents?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10776points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I have my parental grandfather’s ukulele and my maternal grandpa’s pipe. I just smoked some cherry tobacco.

I also have a few items that my maternal grandparents brought back from Isreal.

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Not a thing.

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I got a classical guitar, from my grandfather.
I also got, his old police gear…
An old wooden night stick, a black jack (which I lost,) and I still have his hand cuffs. I used the cuffs, for many years. But. I lost those too. I arrested a guy once, and the jail, never returned them…

He was a terrible man. His night stick, is covered in scars…
Who knows, how many people, he beat, with it. But. I keep it, in my nightstand. I should probably burn it…

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Nope. My grandparents on both sides barely had two nickels to rub together. Neither ever owned a home. One of them lived in the projects. Another was schizophrenic and was homeless. My paternal grandparents were a little better off as my aunt took care of them for years until they died. Although, she didn’t have much either.

Nothing from my folks either.

One aunt left me a few thousand dollars a year ago, which paid for my broken oil tank — but it was the nicest thing anyone ever left me.

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Jewelry and a goat.
no goat, I wish

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Two walking sticks from my grandfather. One is an ivory resin type material squirrel top, from Italy and one is a brass horse head from the JP Morgan Museum in NYC that my mom bought for him. I have some little things from my grandmother. Little knick-knacky things.

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A small model aeroplane my grandad made out of shell casings.
I inherited my grandma’s sense of humour, so yeah…blame her! :D

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A life full of memories
Her old photo albums of mysterious relations of which took over 25 years to identify some and connect to others later on.

Obtained a photograph of her wearing her usual blouse and sweater and I keep these as personal mementos plus a lock of her hair.

Greedy sibling took all of her belongings and money all for herself which explains reasons that the rest of the family no longer communicates with her nor another sister who caused extended harm during a Guardianship Court battle years ago.

It serves as a warning to others to write a living Will and outline who gets what etc

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@Inspired_2write Lovely, I hope I got several of those from mine as well. :)

As far as material possessions, I got a boat, rifle, cast iron cookware, quilts, china and several other things with sentimental value.

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A fraternal ring that my grandmother bought with egg money in the 1920’s to give to my grandfather. Tea cups and saucers too.

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My uncle gave me Grandpa’s deer rifle when he passed. I keep it because it is a memento, not because it is a firearm. In fact, I’d almost be afraid to shoot it. It was made in 1914 and takes a really old cartridge (.30–40 Krag). But it does remind me of him!

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Yarn, many cross-stitch projects, quilts, several crystal items, and an antique desk.

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I have the bell my grandma rang to call in the children to the one room schoolhouse. She taught for three years prior to marrying.

Thought not my grandparent, I have a pendant made from a ring that belonged to a great aunt.

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Not exactly inherited but I was born while my gramma was visiting Lourd’s in Holland….her native country.
She bought a lovely necklace with the image of Mary on it. I am the only grandkid (out of millions!) who got a present for being born. HA HA!
I’ll post a pic of it tomorrow if I remember.

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