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Of all your complaints, which one do people like to hear the most?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34289points) 4 weeks ago

As asked :D

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My most popular complaint is the one about people who are so overweight that, even though they buy only one seat on an airplane, they take up part of the next seat as well.

Although, the last time I flew, the middle seats were empty, so it wasn’t a problem.

So I guess everything is pretty good for the moment.

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@josie -My thoughts on sand in the bed is popular
. My husband has actually requested that.XD

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Usually, it’s about other drivers.

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@kritiper- Have you ever made friends with any of them?
Why yes, I am laughing :D

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If this doesn’t get 100+ responses :D

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@ucme Will you register that complaint with the proper authorities?
I’ll be behind the desk with a look of deep concern and empathy while you tell me of your concerns… but only if expressed through interpretive dance as no one has time to listen to this sh!t!

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Anything negative about Trump. People love to join in and add their own comments.

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I miss my Boys when they go home, loved by their parents and the boys.

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Complaints about my mom, because they are often funny.

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I hate how my dog likes to thoroughly slime her toys before bringing them to me to play with her. We all hate it, but she’s so sweet, we can’t resist.

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@lucillelucillelucille Why, sure I have! One of my best friends drives like an old man. (He is an old man, but that’s beside the point because he has always driven that way.)
Another of my so-called friends doesn’t stop at stop sigs, will NOT wear his seat belt! I razz him about it all the time.

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