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Are all of you who weathered Gustav doing ok?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) September 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Gooch and I and Hailey are ok. We had some damage to our chimney and trees. We lost power, but thankfully had a generator. We weathered the storm at home with a house full of family.Gooch’s godfather lost his roof and had major damage to his home. Power has been restored to our home. Once it stops raining, our clean up will begin. We feel blessed, as it could have been much worse. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and well wishes.

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Great to hear all is well with you and yours. My sis and the kids also bunkered down and rode it out at home. They are on the gulf coast of Mississippi. All is well there too.

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I am happy to hear that your family is okay mzgator! Good luck with the clean up, and take plenty of breaks to fluther :)

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it didn’t even rain at my house. not a drop. (not complaining by any means), but whoever said houston was supposed to get the dregs of the storm was wronggg…

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