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Where to find Full Moon wo Sagashite episode 29 in English?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) March 27th, 2010

So I have been watching Full moon and when episode 28 finished (I watch on ) there wasn’t a result for 29. I tried other websites. Does anyone know where I can find Full Moon Episode 29 IN ENGLISH, not English sub titles, not Fan dub, but in English dub.

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What’s wrong with subtitles?

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when i there are sub titles, im more focused on them than the actual anime.

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just search it on google ^-^

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its like the most amazing anime XD so sad it made me cry. :P

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dubs are for babies who can’t read quick enough.

and for philistines.

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@The_Idler: If I were say, working on the laptop, while “watching” a movie with someone I would want dubs.

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but the voice acting is always fucking horrific.

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yes it is…but.. if i turn my head for a sec…then i miss like a whole lot

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