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Do you know of a good online casual dress retailer?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14755points) September 4th, 2008

My friend has put me partly in charge of finding bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, but I am about to pull my hair out trying to find somewhere I can shop by style that also has casual dresses. Any help or favorite websites (that are well organized)?

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I got my bridesmaids’ dresses from J. Crew – they have a pretty good selection of dresses, from simple to fancy, and a lot of them are things that the bridesmaids might actually wear again (and aren’t too horribly expensive).

I picked three different styles of dresses and two colors, and told my friends to mix and match – that way they all matched, but they could choose the style and color that looked best on them…

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how bout white house black market?

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Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!

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What is your ballpark price range? Particular style you’re looking for?

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Well, the wedding is casual and in Hawaii during the summer so probably sundress-ish. The range is definitely $150 or less since we’re all flying to Hawaii.

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Do they have to match?

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I would try the sale section of the usual online boutiques:
revolve clothing
active endeavors

I think JCrew is a little pricey. But it’s nice and classic. You’ll probably wear it again.

You can try Bluefly but you’ll probably have to dig. I think the majority of its inventory leans more to casual than you need.

Asos might have some good options. But I think they’re based in the UK and shipping might be a pain.

Heck…what about Ebay?

Though if you’re shopping now for a summer dress, you might have better options with places that have off season stuff?

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