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What is the most unusual thing you've taken a picture of?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41921points) 4 weeks ago

I took this pic of Halley’s comet. 1986. Dragged my toddler and 7 year old out to Lake Afton in the middle of the night for it.

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I asked a friend to pose with some roadkill that was laying by a “Pass With Care” sign.

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A child on the sheet of paper on a McDonald’s tray. My friend said the kid looked like they had a skin disease (that was due to use of the paper and printing) and asked me to take a picture and send it to her (her phone was dead)

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My poop in the toilet.

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A single shoe on the steps of an office building.

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Ingrown hair on someone else’s genitals to show them what it looked like.

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One time while riding BART, I looked over and saw what looked like a guy sticking his finger into his eye socket. I thought it was a funny angle, so I took a picture of it.

When the guy stood up for his stop, it turns out it wasn’t just angle. The guy legitimately did not have an eye. I felt absolutely mortified that I had taken a picture of someone’s disability.

This was pre-smart phone and taken on a film camera so I couldn’t just delete it.

When I developed the roll, I was going to just destroy the photo. But I held it in my hand and decided to keep it as a reminder to myself that things are not always what they appear. And to be mindful about what we choose to capture on film.

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I take a lot of interesting light and shadow photos. My friends are often stunned and amazed. I just see shadows and interesting shapes all the time, it’s same stuff everyone else can see, but they don’t “see” it like I do I guess.

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My pinky toe so I could get a closer look at it on my phone. I was clipping my toe nail and there was a part I felt like I was clipping flesh but when I took the photo I could see I wasn’t near skin yet. My pink toe nail curves in on both sides making it pointy and thick at the top. So I have to trim as much as I can and then file the rest down to get it to look like a regular nail.

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