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How can I bypass Deco?

Asked by BrentM (68points) 3 weeks ago

So basically my mum and dad have this app called Deco which allows them to stop any device registered from recieving WiFi. I listen to Spotify at night and therefore have to use my mobile data, like I am now. I am concerned about going over my data plan (2 gigs) too. I should also mention that they only started recently (a couple nights ago).Is there a way I can bypass Deco?
PS: Preferably no answers containing “well if you live under their roof then it’s their rules yadda yadda yadda” I just want to know if I can bypass it or not

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You’re asking if there’s any way for you to “bypass it” without your parents quickly finding out? First ask yourself what the consequences might be of their finding out? Like the confiscation or disabling of your phone and devices?

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Depending on where you live, there may be alternative wifi nodes. For example, I am in a Comcast/Xfinity area, and my wifi shows “Xfinity Internet” as an option. Or sometimes CableWifi”.

See what other SSIDs are available.

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I think your best approach would be to talk to your parents about how you are using the WiFi.
Be prepared to clearly define what you ‘need’ they might be able to tune Deco to allow some things and not others, or to give you limited bandwidth in the evening, enough for Spotify.
Also be prepared to make some commitments that you will keep, like maybe “I will NEVER go to site” etc.
They are trying to look out for you, appreciate that and they may be willing to cut you some slack and build more trust into your relationship.

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