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Tell me about that time a bird did a "whoopsie" on you, how did that go?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 4 weeks ago

Something like this…

pbbbt wheeeeeeee splat

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Which time are you talking about lmao? If anyone reading this has gone to secondary school in Britain, you know that there’s always loads of seagulls. It’s worse as I live by the coast. I am not joking here, but at least 50 seagulls swarmed overhead one time. I have heard from various friends that there are seagulls at their school, even if they don’t live by the coast (I’m talking Manchester here). Now, regarding the question, I got a triple-whammy once. That’s like a double-whammy, but worse. It got my blazer, bag and hair. MY FREAKIN HAIR. Needless to say, I rushed to the toilets and grabbed some toilet paper. People got frequently pooped on by a bird and all we had to get it off was toilet paper, water and Jesus. Left a mild stain on my blazer but the washing machine got rid of it. If you have never been pooped on in a British secondary school then I tip my hat to you. Sorry for the lengthy reply

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@BrentM I’m from Durham, plenty of coastline up here & yeah, those bloody gulls get on your tits!

Cool with your answer, not too lengthy at all.

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Just last week, I got hit on the shoulder, chest, and pants and got a small splash on my neck. Bleech! I had just filled the bird feeders and was putting water in the bird bath when a gray catbird decided it was time to make a deposit.
Fortunately I could change my clothes and take a shower.

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One time I walked out the side door at work into an alley. I must have disturbed the pigeons. I saw something fall past my eye. I looked down and there was a huge green watery bird turd on my neck tie.

Small blessing: at least none got on my shirt.

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