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When is the possible earliest time next year in 2021 that a Covid 19 vaccine would come out?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25080points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone


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January 1st.

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For a safe one that has gone through all the clinical trials I am going with @filmfann .

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Hoping for this year. ;>)

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Be nice if it happens.

Don’t hold your breath

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There are at least six strains of Covid 19 out there. And all are mutating, There is not a chance of a vaccine with a virus that is mutating,

If this virus was created in a lab as a bioweapon, then even deadlier pandemics may be on their way.

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@Yellowdog How come some countries ,and even those with large populations are getting it somewhat under control?
The states especially fucked the response to this pandemic up, Canada had a better outcome and we could have done way better.
The States are on the verge of over whelming their healthcare system, because people are tired of social distancing, don’t want to wear masks, you have Yankees throwing Covid parties trying to catch it, you guys want to keep Mexico out, well Mexico just banned you guys from entering, you are banned from the EU, our Canadian border remains closed to Americans except for trade.
The US is the worst country in the world these days for dealing with this pandemic, you have an administration that will take no responsibility and just wants to blame everyone else, what the hell is it going to take a million dead?

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1.6 billion from Uncle Sam to Novavax to make 100 million vaccines. By December is a possibility it seems. Not the whole 100 million I assume.

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I was listening to NPR today and they were talking about the conspiracy theories around the virus and the vaccine. People actually believe that the virus will be a way to microchip you. My guess is that a lot of people won’t get the vaccine because of the paranoia and absurd theories surrounding it.

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Sorry, to edit above, people actually believe the vaccine will be a way to microchip you, not the virus is a way to microchip you.

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So @jca2 the Dem’s will out number the GOP’s by 4 to 1 soon. Just ‘cause GOP’s will be hanging out in bars and large gatherings.

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@jca2 that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s Bill Gates’ plan for contact tracing.

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@Yellowdog Where is the link that says Bill Gate’s plan is the exact conspiracy theory trumpers are worried about?

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@mazingerz88 There isn’t one but SOMEONE thinks there is ONE ! !

Just ‘cause Bill Gates !

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@Yellowdog: Links (from legit sources) are always appreciated.

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Don’t hold your breath on that .

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