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How many free calendars does a person need?

Asked by janbb (59168points) July 10th, 2020

Many of the charities I donate to send me a wall calendar at this time of year. The calendars are all very similar. I only need one. I must get 5 or 6. Surely they must be aware that other charities are mailing them out. Couldn’t a few of them do something else?

This is a very light rant. Humor welcome.

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Well if you get 7, you could have a Monday calendar. Then on Tuesday put up the Tuesday calendar . . . so on! – - – ;>0)

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Ha! I’ve wondered the same thing.

You could carefully undo an envelope and use it as a template for your old calendars. We used to do this a lot when we were little. Olden days of snail mail.

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Well, they all hope they’ll win and hold your kind attention to their cause for 365 or 366 days.

I need a minimum of four wall calendars, but I’d rather pick them out myself. I like nice pictures and no advertising. I favor art calendars (no kittens or puppies, thanks), but sometimes choose photos of waterfalls or typhoons, usually for the bathroom.

Like me, my mother loved pictorial wall calendars. She had four just in her kitchen: one above the phone and three above the table, two on the same hook, so she looked at one picture for half the month and then switched them. I don’t do anything ridiculous like that.

She also had one in each bathroom and one above her desk.

If I had given her six for Christmas, she’d have found a place for all of them.

How about this, though, @janbb: since there are only fourteen different configurations for the year (one for each starting weekday in a regular year and one each for a leap year), I reuse calendars I like when the matching year comes around again.

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Today, in the age of PCs and Smartphones, literally zero.

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Fill in the dates that are important, like your birthday with gift suggestions and give them to your friends.

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They are urging you to date more.

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Depends. How many have naked girls on them???

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Calendars are not so popular anymore, they’re pretty dated.
I don’t think they’ll be around much longer…their days are numbered.

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Only one.

I use the paper calendars to track calories or phosphates or weight or whatever I’m tracking.

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i’ll keep one near my desk for appointments and hang another in my kitchen. So far, I’ve received 5 for 2021!

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