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Will you join me in bidding farewell to Mythbuster's Grant Imahara by sharing a favorite memory from the show or otherwise?

Asked by gorillapaws (25015points) 2 weeks ago

Tragically, Grant Imahara passed away last night. I always enjoyed watching videos with Grant—he brought a sense of pride and integrity to his work that was really apparent.

I’ll never forget the time when he was wired up to a lie detector test and Tory asked him something to the effect of “have you ever fantasized about building a female robot?”

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He was always the best part of the Mythbusters B-team.

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He was pure joy in his work.

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Enjoyed him ! Will miss him.

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He is in the great tool-shed in the sky.

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I can’t believe it. It really sucks. He seemed like such a great person. I am very saddened, by his passing.

Journey well, Grant….

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I liked his Moon flag experiment the best:

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I liked the “Can a sword cut a bullet in half Episode?” Also “is poop on your toothbrush?”

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