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How do you store your masks, so that they are clean and out of the way, and yet handy for when you need to grab one?

Asked by jca2 (8870points) 2 weeks ago

How do you store your masks? I am guessing you want to keep them clean and out of the way, and yet handy so if you want to grab one, you have it where you can easily get it.

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I have a key holder by the door. The kind that is attached to the wall. I have a net bag hanging off one of the pegs with my masks in it. Paper masks get worn 2 or 3 days and are then replaced. Cloth masks are washed every couple days also. No worn masks get put back in mesh bag until cleaned.
This is a good question. I’ll be interested in how others do this.
I also keep a few new ones in the car.

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Baggie in my purse. Fresh disposable and cloth with filter.

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I have seven of them hanging for each day of the week. They’re washable but I don’t wash them every week.

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I keep mine in a baggy in the car where it gets very hot and sanitizes them.

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I hang mine on the rear view mirror

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I only have the blue paper masks. I just shove them into the glovebox in the car.

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Triple thick cloth, they hang on pegs at front door. Cleaned when I return, in microwave for one minute in a wet paper towel.

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I have about 8 made by a friend. I wash them after use and hang them on a rack above my washing machine. Keep a couple in the car in case I forget.

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Mine are just on the arm of my couch.

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I have started putting sticky jewels on mine so the aren’t so ugly.

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