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"It's like taking candy from a baby." Which candy is so good that it's worth stealing from a helpless infant?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (11840points) July 17th, 2020

Let your inner glutton run free.

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Peanut M&M’s.

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I love tormenting babies and making them wail, so any candy.
Bonus points for force feeding it black licorice.

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Any resultant crying and bawling by the baby is a greater reward than any candy.

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Pecan delights

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All babies should be sans candy. They grow more healthy without it. It should all be reserved for people like me, who have topped the crest, started decline, and have little else to look forward to.
Snickers tops the list. Check Betty White. Snickers turns her into a young man.

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Peanut Chews.


Recess peanut butter cup.

Response moderated (Obscene)
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When I was 5, or so, my Dad’s relative was watching me for the day. There was a parade. I was sitting on the curb. They threw candy. As I was reaching for the piece closest to me some adult asshole sitting next to me grabbed it to give to his kid…who already had some. He practically knocked me out of the way to steal it from me.
I was indescribably shocked and dismayed. I looked up at him…he refused to look at me.

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@Dutchess_lll Wow. I can’t believe an adult would actually do that. Pretty obnoxious.

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It…I still as clear in my mind as the day it happened.
That visit was also the first time I saw/ate those shortbread cookies with the wavy fudge dribbled on them.

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@JLeslie….have you ever watched a public Easter egg hunt? Yeah. I saw parents shoving other kids out of the way to get more eggs for their kid.

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I believe it. I wasn’t trying to say I don’t believe it. Just wow. I remember my mom used to try to help me find Easter eggs when I was really little. I don’t think she ever pushed a kid out of the way. People can be horrible,

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Peanut clusters.

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I would think that the type of candy, is irrelevant.
A person who would do such a thing, enjoys the act. The “candy,” is taking it, from the baby…

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I’m with peanut M&Ms

Babies should t eat that shit, but I should

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Yes. Taking a peanut MnM from a baby is doing it a favor!

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I’ve often wondered why taking candy from a baby is only ‘obnoxious’ but taking the baby from candy, which has the same effect,is a criminal act,

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