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Do you open your windows at night to hear the drunks trying to get home?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) July 22nd, 2020

They say the funniest things.

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No, we open the gun turrets!

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There is a guy that I hear singing at the top of his lungs late at night once in awhile.
I don’t know if he’s drunk but he needs to change his tune.

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Just enough to fit the barrel through.

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I live in a very quiet rural area where, at night, you might hear some geese on the lake, or the neighbor’s air conditioner.

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I live next to a senior complex. All the drunks are in bed by eight.

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The bedroom windows are opened almost every night. There used to be a pub directly across the street until it was torn down a few years ago. We could hear faint music on the weekend karaoke nights, but I don’t recall any noise from their guests departing.

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Never fails every 2 Am after the local Bars close loud drunks wandering home and some doing damage to parked cars on the way.

Lately the RCMP watch them and arrest those that are vandalizing.

I keep my windows closed at night and just have my Electric fan on all night as it drowns out late arrivals

( residents who live here also get drunk and return loud and obnoxious and those ones sleep in the day and party at night)

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