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Can hand sanitizer be useful in defogging eye glasses?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) July 27th, 2020

From a face mask.

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Baby shampoo works better, a drop on each lens; rub it around and rinse off. Used that for diving masks.

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Don’t do it. It ruined one of my sunglasses. Just use soap and water to clean or just have dry paper towels handy to defog. Oh, I just noticed where you said it’s from wearing a mask. I noticed that happened to my glasses once but I realized that it wasn’t pinched securely around my nose so my breath was escaping my mask and shooting up. A longer mask that comes up under the bottom of your glasses will help as well. But make sure you arent wearing a mask with a short or weak clip on top. It has to be at least the length of your glasses and make sure the ties or elastic is pulling it snuggly around your face. I have two types of masks. Ones that go higher and ones that cut off over my nostrils. I like the lower ones but not for when I have to wear glasses so I only wear them when I don’t have to wear glasses.

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I just tuck a Kleenex at the top of my mask to avoid fogging.

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I just use normal dish soap. Dawn ultra or something like that. Smear it around, don’t lather, rinse in warm water. But don’t over-rinse. Then pat dry with a towel.

It keeps my glasses from fogging up.

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New eyeglasses that are made of plastics, should never use anything but a soft cloth, usually the cloth that comes with the eyeglasses.

New eyeglasses made of glass is a different story, but check it out with the company that you purchased it from otherwise the warranty becomes void.

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