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Do you allow your dog/cat to eat their food if they have thrown it up?

Asked by chyna (46911points) July 29th, 2020 from iPhone

My dog had just eaten and went outside and threw up her food. Before I could get back outside with a bag and paper towels, she had started eating it. Eww. I made her stop.
Is it okay to let them eat it?

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I have never had a dog have bad effects from doing that.
And yeah, ew ew ew.

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It’s more of a race to see who can get there first.
It could be worse
I had a dog that saw cats as Pez dispensers.

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Oscar has never puked yet, period.
If I saw him doing that I’d ban kisses for a month!
I saw a dog eat another’s shite once as a kid, my nightmares were so vivid :D

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A dog will lick it’s own asshole so what do I care if it eats it’s own puke??

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I stop mine but @kritipers right, to them its just food and causes no harm. My lab swallows sweet potatoes and things whole, vomits and eat again slower. Crazy old gal haha!

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My sister’s cat would throw up on the living room rug, which was disgusting beyond words. So I’d call in the dog and then I’d leave the room. He could always do a better job of cleaning it up anyway…

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I was fostering a cat that puked once, and he just left it there. I did what I could to ensure that he was okay, and then I cleaned it up.

If my feline friend Roofy puked and tried to eat it, I’d try to stop her, in case the vomit contained any causative pathogen.

When it comes to canine gastrointestinal issues, I’ll defer to @canidmajor and longgone.

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Ew, ew, ew. My cats do not do that. I have never had a cat that did that. They puke and then walk off like nothing happened. They definitely expect us to clean that up.

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When i was a kid my Italian Greyhound would do that in a corner of the kitchen. It was disgusting but he left the floor looking clean. I don’t recall ever seeing him do it outdoors.

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No. If they vomit it up, there’s a reason. Maybe not related to the food.

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I try to stop them because they will just throw it up again. It has no benefit for them to eat it. If they vomit it’s because something didn’t agree with them or they are sick.
Watch your dog. If its a one time deal then it may be that it swallowed a hair or something that made it gagged or ate too quickly.
See if your dog gets hungry and give it tiny portions of food. If your dog keeps puking take it to the vet.

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I’ve had dogs that have just eaten too fast and that’s why they throw it up.
Still ew.

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It’s gross to we humans; but watch them, they dive in to clean up their mess the only way they know how. If you look at it, most times it’s not very well eaten and almost whole food, plus it still has the aroma of its original state. My dogs are outside dogs so even when they do throw up, I;m seldom there to know it;s there and it;s all cleaned up before I go out

My cats never ate theirs. No, that would be way too polite. They always waited until after I had gone to bed and then threw it up just in front of my bedroom door and left it so I’d step in it in my bare feet first thing the next morning. I swear that I could ear them laughing as I cursed them

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