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What's the best size dirtbike for a 13 year old?

Asked by tj1317 (22points) September 4th, 2008 from iPhone

this is for all those riders out there I’m 5’2 and i’ve only rode a dirtbike ones and I concider myself a beginner I have a job that pays good so moneys not the problem

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As a beginner, I would recommend something cheap. Think wal-mart. As a 13y.o. you likely have some growing left to do. The bikes that can be purchased at wal-mart are decent, and don’t require a ton of maintenance like the high-end ones do.

If I were you, I would get something that you like at wal-mart. Really, anything will do (so long as you fit on the bike): you are just learning; make sure you are comfortable with it. If money truly isn’t a problem, buy something more high-end as you get into the sport more. You will have a greater appreciation for a better bike after you learn your stuff on something more – disposable.

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I’m talking about the offroad dirtbike with a miter you can’t get those at wallmart

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get a Yamaha YZ80, that’s for kids :)

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Perhaps not a wal-mart bike, then. The idea remains though: your first should not be a super special awesome chocolaty fudge coated super bike! Get something that you can learn on (and potentially trash without too much heartache), then move on to something better when you have more experience.

I’m sure that a bike shop, even would have something cheap that you can ride – with a miter (I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is).

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I think that he meant “Meter” as in speedometer / tach or odometer.

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moter the stupid spell ckeck

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depends if you’re going trail riding or looking for something to race on. if you’re looking for trail riding the honda crf150f is perfect. if you’re looking for a motocross bike, something more like the kawasaki kx100 or the honda crf150r would do.

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80 cc any brand, depending on the size of the child.

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well i am 13 and i am the same height as u,,,and i have a Kawasaki KX85

below is a link to a picture of a KX85
but the 1 in the pic isnt mine

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i have a kx 50 and its to fast.

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Well I’m 13 years old and 5 ft tall and I have a Honda crf80 I love it and fit it perfectly. it has plenty of power but its a manual transmition so it takes some getting used to but you will get the hang of it. Hope it helps.

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One thing, why in the heck would you buy a dirt bike from walmart? They are electric and are for children. I am thirteen and am 5’3” and my dads friend said a kawasaki 100cc would be a good size. He got an enduro and road it from my age till 16. When he got his drivers liscence he could drive it to work. If you buy an 85cc you are an idiot. You or whoever will outgrow in less than a year. You should buy a 100,110,or 125cc and you would enjoy it more best. It’s just my opinion period.

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