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When should I delete the .torrent file when downloading torrents?

Asked by heysupnm (289points) September 4th, 2008

I usually delete when the download finishes but is it possible to delete right when the torrent begins downloading?

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you can delete the file as soon as it starts downloading.

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After the torrent is dead. I’m always seeding like crazy… That might change October 1st

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My torrent client automatically deletes them when I open it. I use Transmission on a Mac.

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Mostof the newer bittorrent clients delete the file after it is opened.

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I use transmission as well so mine get deleted automatically as soon as they begin to download. You can delete it right after it begins to download because (as it was explained to me) the .torrent file is just your ticket to board the train. After your on and the journey begins, you no longer need the ticket.

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A good thing can be to keep them, it’s lightweight file that can be useful, to re-download the file if you loose it, or to seed it, or give it to a friend. I just delete them when they are older than 6 months.

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as soon as its done and from experience, its best not to download programs and videos from torrent sites because they are #1 for containing viruses, spyware , and trojans. My laptop had the worst case of spyware ive seen and i had had my pc “fixed“4 times then i wiped it clean cause it was so bad and i had a antispyware and antivirus too. so be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First of all we all know torrenting is kinda illegal. But a lot do download via P2Ps’ and there are some that have been caught or brought in questioning also. The only concept here is that you download but you don’t seed. Quite honestly due to the reason that a lot of company suffers a big lost because of this they have asked help from the law to take down sites or block it so that nobody can access it. And the pretty good example is The Pirate Bay, good thing a lot of people so love and are a big fan of Pirate Bay a lot of proxy sites have risen. Just like this site:

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