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Can you imagine Donald Trump’s Presidential library?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22074points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Would you vie for the honor of its establishment near you?

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It will be filled with racist coloring books.

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The porn section would dominate the card catalog. Blazing neon lights on the exterior would disrupt night time airline navigation for hundreds of miles.

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It would be full of copies of “the art of the deal”, a book he did not even write himself.

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On the shelf of books that he has read, there will only be Fun With Dick and Jane and maybe More Fun With Dick and Jane.

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A large section of his favorite authors Adolf Hitler and Richard Nixon.

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The presidential library should be located next to the Fun House at Coney Island.

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It would just be Barr masturbating until powder spewed.

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It would probably be like Peter Griffin’s bookshelf: two Garfield books and a novelization of the movie “Caddyshack”.

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@LostInParadise…more like “Fun with my Dick and Jane.”

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It will resemble a comic book store.

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He’ll still have one and Hillary won’t, that’s astonishing with all her years of serving. What a country!

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Yes I can imagine a gold bookshelf, or bookshelves with few real insightful books on them, only entertainment categories.

He lives the luxury style and so he would get books that show that.

Example: the most rare or expensive looking book, that would sway a voter to his side of any

argument. ( example: Bible to sway Christian voters etc)

In short his books aren’t to read but for show only.

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No books just magazines all rolled up ready for spanking.

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@KNOWITALL Why couldn’t Hillary have her own library? True, it may not be a presidential library, but she could still have one.

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Somebody would have to dedicate one to.her.

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@kritiper It was tongue in cheek.

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