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What is the most costly coin made?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18611points) August 15th, 2020

That is, or was, legal for circulation? What is the most expensive metal did the mint use? In any country? Canada has a million dollar gold coin, but it isn’t legal tender. So it doesn’t count.

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Do you mean how much the coin is worth now? Or how much did it take to make? Or how much the coin was originally worth.

I did a google search and found that the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is supposedly worth over 10 million dollars.

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@SergeantQueen I am looking for the highest scrap value of a coin.

Art work and rarity not included.

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So then, maybe, just the one with the greatest weight of gold? How about this one?

Oh, wait, not actually in circulation. Never mind.

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Today it might be the U.S. penny. It costs 2.06 cents to produce one penny and $85.4 million Is spent each year on penny production. Such a diabolical waste. Australia and Canada have done away with pennies many years ago.

Pennies are not needed and their intrinsic value (mostly zinc) is pretty much zero.

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It is probably going to be some commemorative coin made from rare metals, where you still have to build all the expensive tooling for it, but due to low production volume, the cost-per-coin will be very high.

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@all A follow up question what is the highest denomination of coins circulated? Canada is $2 toonie coin. Do we have $5 coins or higher in any country? I believe that the world might have $50 gold coins, but might not be used as a currency.

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Gold coins can be $9,000 to $10,000 ! or more.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok excluding sliver and gold coins.

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